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August 24, 2012


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  • Mood: Repulsed

These are not numbered by how much I hate them, they are numbered randomly. Also for some of these I don't really "hate" them I just dislike them. I do understand this does not apply to all people. When I say "you" I am not talking about you personally unless you do these things. If you do do these things you are probably still a good person so you shouldn't take this personally. I don't know you and I'm not acting like I do know you. This is just a way to hopefully get some of you to STOP doing this crap that is so annoying to me. Yes. Yes I am trolling here because I don't see it as worth my time to troll in a comment when I see this actually happening.

I will probably keep adding to this so I don't make a bunch of useless hate journals whenever I get pissed.


1. When I click on the deviations I get from a Reader insert group and there are OCs there too.
Unless there is an OC folder, WHY THE HELL ARE YOUR OC WRITINGS IN A READER INSERT GROUP? I understand that they are kind of similar, but not really. A reader insert has nothing- repeat nothing- that can physically identify the reader in it. Examples are: hair color, name, skin color, etc. If the group doesn't have an OC folder then it shouldn't be in a reader insert group. PUT IT IN A REGULAR GROUP!!! GAH!

2. Journals in a group collection notification thingy.
If your journal does not contain a firetrucking story THEN IT DOESN'T BELONG IN A GROUP! I don't want to see your shit every time I look in a group for actual ART. It clogs up not just mine, but every other person who watches that group's notifications. And if you're a person like me who is watching over 70 groups, my time and concentration is limited when it comes to groups. I get sick of freaking seeing "RolePlay?", "REQUESTS OPEN", "Request List", "Hetalia To Do's" or "COMMISSIONS OPEN" in a groups notifications. NO. FUCKING NO. Your little Roleplay journals belong in a roleplay group. NOT IN MY LITERATURE GROUPS THAT I WATCH! Your requests/to do lists/commissions belong NOWHERE. Not in one effing group do they belong. I am so pissed when I see you put that shit in my group. I understand you need people to see it, but if someone requested/commissioned you to do something they are more than likely watching your page to see when they're getting the stuff they asked/payed for. No one else cares until you write it and post it on here. THEN it can go in a group to be noticed.

Oh but don't worry, I'm not just pissed at you for putting your shit in that group that anyone with common sense KNOWS it shouldn't be there, but I'm pissed at the people who run the group too! How the hell can't they see that? I understand they get a lot of submissions, but take a look at :iconkawaii-world: THEY ARE STILL ORGANIZED. I know for a fact they monitor the stuff that goes into their gallery because they have told me twice whenever I got a bit too button happy and clicked the wrong folder accidentally to resubmit it to the right folder.


3. Your three year old grammar
I can understand if you are from another country that does not speak English fluently, but if you are from the United States of AMERICA, Canada or the United Kingdom this is ridiculous. You learn basic grammar rules when you are six and seven, learning to read and write. Then until you are like fifteen you're still repeating the same stuff you learned then! Don't even give me the excuse that you're thirteen or twelve because you know this shizz already. Unless you lived under a rock and were taught by some third world country's foreigner English it is inexcusable if you do not know that you are supposed to start a NEW FIRETRUCKING PARAGRAPH WHENEVER A NEW CHARACTER TALKS AND SOMETIMES MORE FREQUENTLY THAN THAT IF ONE CHARACTER IS TALKING A WHOLE SHIT TON.

Oh no, I don't care if you're using the wrong forms of pronunciation and your commas and periods and if you're overusing "and" like I am right now when you are writing in a journal or in a comment. USE THE NOT REALLY A WORD WORD "AIN'T" FOR ALL I CARE DURING A COMMENT OR A JOURNAL. Not. Not. NOT DURING YOUR ACTUAL WORK. NOT!!! OhmyGod. Only time you can use ain't during an actual story is when a character is talking like that. Refer to Tom Sawyer for examples. And feel free to go crazy when writing crack stories. THAT'S FINE. But make sure it's readable and still follows the basic grammar rules.

And another thing that I hate about your three year old grammar is when you mess up more than three times. Then you just didn't even try. You didn't even go back and proofread or anything. You just wrote that and uploaded it as fast as your little three year old fingers could fly. Oh, and then when you uploaded it you didn't even go back to read it! I know that I at least reread my stuff I write once when I first write it before uploading it and then once more after I upload it. Sometimes I still don't even catch all of my mistakes and some lovely people tell me nicely that I misspelled a word or two.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:EDIT~ Oh, if you have a deficiency then most of #3 doesn't apply to you. However, I refuse to act like it is perfectly fine just because you have a deficiency to not ask for help. I understand you'll make more mistakes then a person without a deficiency, but nothing is stopping you for asking a person around you how to spell a word you're not sure about/googling something you don't understand/picking up a dictionary. I know I do these things frequently while writing. I don't always have a dictionary or access to the internet so I ask my mom to help me spell words (unless it's a lemon I'm writing) and if she doesn't know then I wait until I do have access to the internet/dictionary to go back and fix what I didn't understand! Asking for help is something you shouldn't be afraid to do, because it furthers your skills and will help you write better. You should always try to do your best, even if it is a short fan fiction.:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

4. Over exaggerating a character's accent
"Tae unearst'n th' wor's c'mm'n o't m'h mouf?"
:iconareyouplz:I don't even know where to begin with this. FOR EXAMPLE: Scotland's accent. WAYYYY over usage of his pronunciation in just about every fan fiction I've read to the point I don't even know what he's saying. That. Is. Ridiculous. I know he's got a distinct Scottish accent but if you hear a Scottish person talk, most of the time you can understand what they're saying. When you just put all of those dashes and random letters in there it looks like you're just pushing random buttons on your keyboard for whenever he speaks. If you can't read it fluently without pausing to ask what the hell he just said, something is wrong with how you're expressing the pronunciation of his words.

And it's not just Scotland either. I've noticed this countless times with Sweden, France, Germany, and Russia as well. You don't always have to write in their accents. It is so unnecessary. Have you ever read in any book where an author does that? No. It's because it makes it to hard to understand and whenever you do that to what they're saying they wind up not even speaking real words anymore. Just random sounds.

It looks like Helen Keller from Twitter wrote your story.

5. Mine and a fictional character's children
I know that you have a choice how you write your stories and what you put in them, so I'm not too pissed about this. You know how sometimes at the end of a REALLY REALLY great (or not so great) reader insert the author will end it with something like "Five years later you and Arthur had seven children named Kathy, Carl, Earl, Larry, Nilson, Billy, and Bob. Living happily ever after~"

Oh hayyyyyl naw. I know you didn't just say I was having seven kids and then name them. HAYYYYL NAWWWWWWWWWWW.
This- ohmygod- this. No. Just no. You need to think more about this, people-who-write-like-this. First of all, it had nothing to do with the basic story line and was completely random. Not to mention unnecessary. Then you go on to say how many children the reader (or more specifically, me) had with England/another fictional character. Then you went a step further and named them?

That's a bit personal for a reader insert. When a person chooses to have a child, the amount of children a person has and the names of said children depend on each person! I know I only want maybe one or two kids when I get older, maybe three. I'm not having a kid until I'm way into my thirties, because I've got stuff to do with my life. I most likely would NEVER name my kid the names you just listed.

So now I'm not thinking of the utter fluffiness and/or lemonyness wonderfulness of your story before you mentioned children, now I'm thinking about "Oh I'm sorry but that's too much of a commitment England. We're going to have to wait more than five years and I am not naming our first child Earl."

Maybe I take it too seriously, but I'm thinking about commitments and srioz biznz when you say that. It ruins the whole story for me.

EDIT~ 8/27/2012 ~
6. That "Visitors" Widget

Not really something I hate, but just something that makes me uncomfortable. Whenever I go to a person's page and they have that on there I literally feel like I just broke into a bank, and the cops were already inside waiting on me. I mean, really. When I see my icon there for anyone to see or click on I feel like a stalker just for visiting your page. It just creeps me out a bit and makes me go "ohshitohshitohshitohshit" for like 3 minutes until I hurry and escape from your page by clicking back to my profile...

7. Over 18 Warnings on Lemons
:iconjackiechanfaceplz: Okay. I just find this ridiculous. Yes, some people MIGHT be trolls and get pissed if you don't, but that has NEVER happened to me. Maybe it's because I'm under 18 actually writing these lemons that no one says anything to me. Anywhore, I still find the over 18 warning stupid when put on a lemon. First of all, when I turn 18 I probably wont be reading lemons anymore. Not about Hetalia at least. I'll probably have another craze by then! So far this is my longest craze of them all, but I doubt it will last two more years...

Another reason I find it ridiculous is because people should be able to read warnings okay? If there's a warning for sexual themes and/or nudity (plus if it SAYS it's a lemon) then that person who clicks on it should know what they're getting into! They have no right to complain if there is a warning, because they CHOSE to continue reading, even when you said it was pretty much written porn.

If they do complain it is as stupid as those idiotic parents who constantly comment on Shane Dawson's videos on youtube saying "Blah blah blah my four year old is cussing because they watch your vids blah blah take them down immediately or else I'll contact youtube!" Which is totally stupid of them to even think that youtube will do anything about this. Shane Dawson has freedom of speech, so he can curse as much as he wants. If those parents don't like it, then they shouldn't let their kid watch that stuff. Plus, why the hell is their four year old even ON the internet. I know I didn't use the internet until I was like nine or ten. :XD:

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Silver-hues Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You, ma'am, deserve to win the internet for mentioning all these things. I totally agree with all of the things you've pointed out, most specifically that three year old grammar thing.

Mini-rant, feel free to ignore~

Being born and raised in a third-world country like the Philippines.... It gives me a great disadvantage in my learning of the English Language. "Try as I might, I will never be as good as a native English speaker" is what I always thought. Then I see supposed "native English speakers" writing with that horrible three year old grammar and I'm just... :iconareyouplz: It's just so infuriating! They've supposed to have known English for their entire lives... Why does that happen? :icondeathstareplz:

As for the accent, I've seen J.K Rowling do it for French and Bulgarian characters in Harry Potter, so I'm a bit tolerant with those. However, seeing it so excessively used to the point that I can't decipher it anymore, then that's when I crack. >_<

And don't get me started on those OC things being in reader-insert stories. :roll:
Forever-N Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
xD lol thanks hahah I agree with all of that
Rina-san28 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree totally! What annoys me most is when people use the wrong words (like "they're/their/there" or "hear/here" or "wait/weight" and such). I also hate the stories where you've just met the character and then you go and f*ck them. I'M NOT A DAMN SLUT! I saw this RussiaxReader on where the reader got lost in a blizzard, happened upon Russia's house in the middle of nowhere, and talked to him for literally five minutes before having random sex on the living room floor. :iconbitchpleaseplz:
This journal makes total sense! Thank you for writing it!
Forever-N Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol yes. We may be perverts but we are not sluts.
Rina-san28 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No. Way. In. Hell. (lol, I always wanted to say that! //shot)
Forever-N Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
xD haha
AnimeLOVERSyeah Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree with this!!! Especially with the abusing the accents!!! For example SWEDEN, some reader inserts hav his swidish accent and I don't under stand it!!! Even though I'm half Swedish!!
Forever-N Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
AnimeLOVERSyeah Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It kinda pisses me off too.... But the stories are still great!
StarlightCove Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's like you read my mind and wrote it down, then posted it onto here. I agree with every single thing on here, especially the first.
I hate OCs in xReader groups
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