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July 20, 2012
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You sighed; another boring day of simple schoolwork. Well, simple for you at least, seeing as you were known all around school as the most serious student alive. Or at least that's the façade the other students believed.

You truthfully loved to have fun, but your parents had really put on the pressure about school. Thus you were forced to hide that one side of you that you secretly loved. That side included a girl that was quite the opposite from the strait A, quiet, and serious girl who had eventually also become a part of you. Yes. The other half of you was the side you'd been forced to suppress by your parents.

The girl inside you who was sarcastic, snappy, couldn't care less about school, and who loved to turn her music up full blast was the one your parents could never know about- or anyone else for that matter.

The only problem about this was that one guy who seemed to know who you really were on the inside. He'd even made some sly remarks about how he'd love to crack open that stuffy shell of yours and take you for a spin. Yes, revolting as you'd acted that sentence had been, you couldn't deny it had flipped a switch inside of you.

You wanted to let the hidden girl inside of you out, and that's exactly what you were going to do this weekend.

"Class dismissed," the teacher droned in his same monotone voice. Collecting your things quickly, you walked past his empty desk. He hadn't shown for class… Again. You were the first out of the classroom for a change. Stuffing your books into your nearby locker, you'd finished your homework during class; you made your way to the rear exit of the school.

There he was, waiting for you.

"Hello, love," that's right. You were going out on a date with Arthur Kirkland, the schools notorious bad boy. Better yet, he was taking you to a punk concert!

"Let's go before someone sees!" you heard him chuckle and grab your hand to take you to his car which was parked not far away. Don't get it wrong, you weren't worried someone would see you with him because you were embarrassed. Heck no! You'd shout it from the rooftops if you could! You just didn't want your parent's to find out, mainly because they'd give you hell for it later. They thought you were going to be studying in the library until late.

"Here," Arthur opened your door for you and ushered you into the back seat. He had a gentleman under that rough, studded exterior. You nodded and got into the back. As soon as he started the car, you were already digging through your bag for the extra set of clothes you'd brought for the concert. Embarrassed that he was sneakily glancing in the rear view mirror as you changed? Pssh no. You were a master at changing in the car. You knew for a fact that he couldn't see a thing.

Smirking as you caught his green eyes peeping at you, you scrambled over the seat to sit shotgun, now fully dressed.

"You could have at least humored me love," he grumbled, upset a bit that he hadn't seen anything.

"Who knows?" you joked, "Maybe if you play your cards right you won't need to be humored." Arthur grinned mischievously at that and you returned the look before he cranked up the music in his car to an almost unbearable level for most, but not for you.


"WHOO-HOO WE'RE HERE!" you squealed as he pulled up in front of the building where a bunch of people were filing in or waiting outside. Others were buying their late tickets. Hopping from the car you ran to the front of it, tapping the hood gently. It truly was a nice car.

"Well I'm beginning to think you only agreed to come with me because of the car," Arthur teased before grabbing your hand.

"Oh, if it was just the car I wouldn't have left it," you laughed as the two of you began walking towards the door.

Arthur leaned towards your ear, "That can be arranged if you want to~"

You couldn't help but blush redder than your neighbor's, Antonio's, tomatoes before hitting him lightly on the arm, "Like I'm going to miss out on this concert!"

"That wasn't a direct 'no', you know."

You skipped ahead of him a bit as he handed the tickets to the ticket guy, "I know~"


You and Arthur were having the time of your lives. The floor shook around you as the band's music pounded through the large speakers, the people around you were shouting and singing along to the music. Every song was one you loved, and apparently, Arthur loved every song too! You were both singing and screaming and just going wild along with the rest of the crowd.

You had no idea how Arthur managed to get these seats. You could touch the red headed lead singer if you wanted to! Actually he had the same bushy eyebrows as Arthur. You shook the thought away. He was from Scotland for Pete's sake! Arthur was from England. No relation there.

As the song came to your favorite part, the guitar solo, you couldn't help but notice that Arthur was air fingering exactly the same as the lead guitarist. Truthfully it kind of turned you on a bit.

Soon enough the song came to its close and you cheered along with everyone else. You actually think some girls just threw their panties on stage. (The author has witnessed this in real life.) You didn't care though, because right now you were so hyped up on adrenaline you'd probably do the same thing if you weren't wearing pants.

You turned to Arthur and gave him your biggest grin, "This is so much FREAKING FUN! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He laughed and cheered with you, obviously enjoying this side of you. Just as the next song began and you were about to turn your attention back to the singers, Arthur grabbed your wrist and pulled you close.

Cupping your face you felt him smash his lips to yours. You paused for a second before kissing him back just as fiercely. Your tongues danced in time with the pounding music, barely having enough time to break for air before connecting once again. You ran your fingers through his already messy blonde hair as he gripped your waist, pulling you closer to him. Like that was hard? Please. The crowd was so packed in here that it was a miracle you hadn't already been pressed against him like this.

You barely noticed the song come to an end as you continued to kiss Arthur, and he continued to kiss you. However, you did notice when the lead singer's Scottish accent broke through the crowd's screams. Oh, you wouldn't have even noticed what he'd said had it not been about you.

"EVERYONE SCREAM FOR MY LITTLE BROTHER ARTIE! HE'S FINALLY GONNA GET SOME!" Allistor shouted and you and Arthur broke apart to look directly at him. The crowd must've gotten ten times louder as they cheered for you. Arthur turned blood red as he shouted profanities at his brother.

Arthur stopped though when you pressed your lips back to his, hearing Allistor's laughter in the background along with the cheer of the crowd before the next song started up. Arthur did what no one else could. He found the hidden girl inside you.
:iconface-deskplz: I'm SOSOSOSOSOSOSO sorry it took so long for me to write this request for you!

It has seriously been so long that I think you have changed your username *facedesk again* Well anyway, whoever the hell you are now I hope you enjoy it! You were lunalovesalexander when you requested this~

Seriously if you read this then tell me it was you because I feel like an idiot right now..

Oh, and I suck at writing Punk!England *TRIPLE FACEDESK*

You and England for like 3 minutes until the song ended>:iconsexykissplz:

Oh yeah, that's hot.

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