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You couldn't suppress the smile that brightened your face like the summer sun as you ran into the forest behind your father's cottage. The other villagers had been frightened of the forest for people said there was a wizard who lived in the forest. He was said to abduct beautiful young virgins and make them one of his many wives for all of eternity, never to see their parents or village again.

You, however, thought the rumor was hogwash. You shared your fathers opinion on the matter. He had told you many a time that the other villagers were just scared of the unknown, but that you still shouldn't wander into the forest alone because of wild animals. Yes, your father was a logical man. One thing that he did seem to agree with the villagers on about the rumor of the wizard was that your should not enter the forest.

You'd broken this rule many years ago. The forest was such a wonderful place. How could it possibly hold the horrid and menacing things the villagers said? Ten years you'd come to this forest, originally out of curiosity.

You'd soon discovered something that made you keep coming back.

Your small bare feet padded the grass beneath them as you skipped through the forest. Occasionally ducking behind a tree at the sound of any rustling in the nearby bushes. You were only ten after all, and still believed the stories your friends had told you of the wizard who stole girls.

Every time you would hide from a sound, it would turn out to be a harmless animal like a bunny or a possum.

Your younger self huffed, deciding that she needed to be braver, and declared for the whole forest to hear, "I won't hide from a big old wizard! Come at me bro!" a few seconds passed after that of silence. All that could be heard were the birds that chirped from atop the trees.

Exploding into a fit of giggles, you skipped onward, going deeper into the forest. Not ten minutes later you came across a house. Gasping, you thought it was the wizard's home. Upon second look you found that it was much too inviting to be a mean and scary wizard's house.

Roses bloomed in the front yard, some of the most beautiful roses you'd ever seen. Truthfully you were jealous of whoever had grown such beautiful flowers. You were lucky if you could grow a weed in your small garden.

Approaching the cottage, you noticed the front door was open a bit. Being the naive child you were, you didn't hesitate to look inside. It looked as if someone had just been there. Tea was on the kettle, a small fire burned.

It was the cutest freaking house you'd ever seen.

You were so engrossed with your thoughts, you almost missed the sound of a man's boots approaching the entrance. Luckily you heard them, but it was much too late to escape through the front door. In your ten year old panic, you hurried into another room and under the bed. You could see out from under the bed as you hid, but you dared not move.

"Flying Mint Bunny would you mind getting the matches from my room?" you heard a British accented voice ask, but heard no reply. You then heard a grunt and something you thought to be the sound of wood hitting against wood. Someone was probably heating up the fire which had been close to going out.

So focused on your listening, you were quite surprised when a bunny hopped in front of your face. Oh, but this bunny wasn't just a bunny. It had wings and was green! Of course you did what any sane ten year old would do; you screamed.

"Bollocks what is going on in he-?" you heard the same voice shout as a man- no, a boy- appeared in the doorway. The boy who looked about fifteen stared with his mouth agape at you and that weird bunny, but mostly at you. You noticed how his blond hair messily framed his face and those eyebrows- oh my god THOSE EYEBROWS- were larger than anyone's eyebrows in your village, but they strangely suited him.

"I-I'm sorry! Please don't make me your wife for all eternity!" you squeaked as you scrambled out from under the bed. The boy only seemed to look more surprised at your request.

"M-Make you my wife for all eternity. What the bloody hell are you talking about?" he asked. "And why are you in my house?"

"I'm (Name)(LastName), and I live in the village with my Papa. I just came across this place and was curious," you trailed off as he stuck out his hand in an offer to help you off the floor.

"I'm Arthur Kirkland. This is mine and Flying Mint Bunny's home," Arthur announced as he hoisted you up off of the floor.

"F-Flying... Mint Bunny?" you looked at him weirdly. Could he be referring to the deformed bunny that had nearly scared you to death? Your question was answered when he gestured to the bunny and it flew to sit on his shoulder.

"Hi there!" it chirped cheerily, making you stumble back a bit in disbelief. That bunny just talked! And flew! And is FREAKING GREEN!

Arthur studied you as the mixed emotions flitted across your face. First came shock, then disbelief, then awe, then finally a look that could only be described as eagerness.

"That is the awesomest bunny I've ever seen!" you squealed and beamed at Arthur, who looked to let out a sigh of relief. He'd truthfully been expecting you to run like all the others had, or call him a freak. Neither of those options had even entered your mind, however, and you stayed planted to the floor.

"I'm glad you can actually see him," Arthur admitted, "Most people think I'm talking to myself or if they do see him they run with fear. Thus is why I live here. I was an outcast of the village when I was a child."

"Outcast?" you felt your bottom lip protrude into a pout at the thought of this nice boy having been alone for most of his life, just because the villagers thought he was different. "Well we can be friends."

"Really?" he smiled back, his eyebrows rising with hope.

"Of course we can!"

And so you'd visited Arthur whenever you could slip away from your father and the other villagers unnoticed. Over the years he'd taught you all about the magical beings who lived in the forest, such as fairies, brownies and the like.

Having become best friends you loved visiting him, but soon enough it had turned into something more. At least for you that is. Approaching his cottage you didn't bother knocking and just opened the door.

You found him in the kitchen, speaking to a fairy who sat in the windowsill on a rosebud. Seeing you approach, the fairy waved her goodbye to Arthur before flitting away. The fey hadn't quite gotten comfortable around you, even if you'd been Arthur's friend for ten years. As Arthur turned around to see why the fairy had hastily left, he smiled as he saw you.

"Artie!" you squealed as you gave him a tight hug. He chuckled and hugged you back. You noticed Flying Mint Bunny wasn't around at the moment. He must be out with the other creatures.

"Hello, love," Arthur greeted, making heat rush to your cheeks. You'd think you'd have gotten used to being called 'love' by now, but you just weren't, "I've got some exciting news."

You paused, releasing Arthur who smelled of ELDERBERRIES. No I'm just kidding. He smelled like tea. A scent you'd loved since you first sniffed him. Did that sound creepy?

On with the story.

"Really? What is it Arthur?"  you asked, cocking your head to the side as you thought of what he could possibly be speaking of.

"The fey have invited you to a fairy dance."

"A.. Fairy dance?" by the confused look on your face it didn't take long for Arthur to see this needed explaining.

"Yes, love. A fairy dance. We can't exactly participate in it, seeing as we're much too big, but we can watch. It's quite a beautiful sight really, and an honor that they've accepted you enough to invite you," Arthur explained further. "P-Plus I was wondering if y-you'd do me the honor of letting me escort you there."

You felt heat rush to your cheeks as Arthur asked you this. Go to a ball? With him? Even though it was a fairy dance you could only reply one way to his offer.

"O-Of course Arthur," you looked away from his piercing green orbs that seemed to light up with happiness, even if he was as red as you were at this moment.

"T-That's wonderful! I'll let the fey know immediately that you've accepted their invitation. Oh- and don't worry about dressing up," he smirked, really enjoying the fact that he could share even more of the magical world inside the forest with you, "the fairies will have the time of their lives dressing you."

"D-Dressing me?"

"Yes. They did the same for me the first time I had gone to one, though I was just a boy, but still," Arthur then proceeded to tell you where to be and how you'd get to where the fey were. Certainly you wouldn't be able to find the fairy dance on your own; Arthur himself had said he'd get lost if it weren't for the guides.

So you went back to your father's home. Keeping a mask of your excitement and what was to come the next night, you fell into a blissful slumber, wondering of when your guide would come for you.


You were scrubbing your kitchen floor when the guide came. You didn't notice the small fairy at first, and were shocked when he landed on your shoulder and flicked your ear. Quite a rude little creature he was, but amusing nonetheless.

"Oi! Female human bastard! I'm right here! Quit scrubbin' and get to walkin'! We've got to go if you want to get to the dance in time. I don't even know why that potato eating fairy bastard sent me to escort you. Why couldn't he have sent my stupid fratello?" you heard a tiny voice rant near your slightly sore ear, nearly making you fall into the bucket of water which you'd been using to scrub the floor with.

"Y-Your my g-guide?" you asked the fairy. He was about as big as your index finger, but you could see the annoyance flash across his face as clear as day. He crossed his arms and shook his head, only accenting his brown flyaway curl as it hit his green wings.

"Isn't that what I just said idiota! Let's get to moving! Chop-chop! If I don't get you there right now then the potato bastard will be angry- not that I care if he gets his leaves in a wad," the fairy squeaked, and you couldn't help but giggle at how adorable he was.


"Language, little one," you cooed, placing your palm out flat for him to land on after he had removed himself from your shoulder when you jumped.

"Hey! Who're you calling little?"

You ignored the annoyed fairy's question and countered with one of your own, "What's your name?" Standing up, you called to your father that you had to go out for a bit which he responded with a quick shout of how you should be careful before you walked out the back door of your cottage.

"I'm Romano, and no it's not after the fucking cheese," Romano growled, now sitting crisscross-apple-sauce on your palm as you walked towards the woods. You were glad none of the adults in the village could see him, and that the children were all indoors, seeing as it had gotten a tad late.

"That's a nice name, Romano," you smiled sweetly as he pointed in the direction you were to go. "It rolls off the tongue. I like it."

He turned red at this and sputtered a grumbled thank you before continuing to point you in the right direction of the fairy dance. Before you knew it you'd come to a cluster of large trees. Bigger than any trees you'd ever seen before, for they were at least wider than you and Arthur standing next to each other and reached up so high you couldn't even see the top.

"Okay, well there you go," Romano said as he began to fly away and leave you there.

"Hey, wait! Where do I go now?" you called after him and he turned briefly.

"Just tap the tree, lightly," he added before sending you the first smile you'd seen him smile since meeting him. Soon he had flown out of sight into the trees. You sighed and did as instructed, gently tapping the tree once with your knuckles, as if knocking.

"Ah, that dress won't do at all~" you heard a voice chirp from behind you and you turned.

"Elizabeta, what will we do to fix it?" you saw a fairy speak to the one who'd just spoken. There were four in all, and they were all girls.

"I think we should make it something that won't attract my brother's attention. He's mine," the next growled.

"Natalia, you shouldn't scare Brother Ivan so much," another, big chested, fairy tugged the other's- Natalia's- arm, looking as if she was about to cry.

"Yekaterina, please do not get her started again," the first one- Elizabeta- groaned. "We don't need her running off to prove her love to Ivan when we need to be getting Arthur's girlfriend dressed!"

"I-I'm not his-" you began, blushing, only to be cut off by Natalia.

"But you wish you were, do you not? See, you must be more straightforward! Like Ivan and I. He knows I love him and I know he loves me," Natalia declared as Elizabeta slammed her hand into her face.

"U-Um, I think that (Name) would look nice in the color (color)," the quieter and younger looking one suggested, obviously trying to get back to business.

Elizabeta fluttered over to the yellow winged fairy, "I think so too, Lilli! (Color) it is!"

"(Color) reminds me of before big brother Ivan began charging me rent," Yekaterina sniffled, and faltered a bit in her flying only to regain her stance, but you could've swore her breasts had just made a sound effect.

"I think she'd look much better in black," Natalia suggested but was quickly told by the others that it was not a summer color, and hardly the color for the dance.

Before you knew it the four fairy women had begun to sprinkle something on you, making you close your eyes and sneeze. When you reopened your eyes you gasped at the dress you wore. It was beautiful. You reached up to touch your hair but your hand was quickly smacked away by Natalia.

"I used extra dust on that. If you mess it up I'll cut you," she threatened darkly, making you gulp and nod a bit.

"I'll take you the rest of the way," the small girl, Lilli, suggested. She fluttered down to your hand and grabbed your pinkie finger, leading you through the trees to a small clearing where you saw Arthur sat. He wore a black tuxedo, with his usually messy hair slicked back a bit. You recognized Romano and another male fairy who looked like him throwing some finishing touches on his hair.

"Bloody hell," you heard Arthur groan as Romano called him a 'tea bastard' and told him not to mess up 'the work of freaking art that he'd made him into'. The other fairy was 'veh'-ing and telling Romano to calm down.

You soon were noticed by the fairies and the man, who all took in a sharp breath of air at your appearance. You could hear the four fairies who'd dressed you congratulating themselves behind you as Arthur looked you up and down, slightly dumbstruck at the moment.

"(N-Name), you look… Wow," he mumbled only to be flicked by Romano and told that was 'real smooth Romeo'.

"T-Thanks," you blushed as you were pulled by the female fairies towards him and they gestured for you to sit down. You did as told and were soon seeing the most beautiful thing you'd seen in all of your life.

The fairies danced.

There had to be hundreds of them as they came out of the trees, flying in the air as some played music. Some of their dresses had such intricate designs that you wondered how they possibly managed to make them. The male fairies led the women with such grace and charm that you were almost lost in the dance.

The only thing to keep you from escaping reality was Arthur's hand, which had begun holding yours. The two of you continued to watch as the fairies flew and twirled. You think you even saw a male one snatch up Romano and start to tango. It made you laugh as Romano sputtered out curses at the other, calling him 'tomato bastard' and such.

There seemed to be fairies from all over the world, and soon you realized that they were each dancing separate dances, but to the same time of the music. Though it was different, their dances fit together to make a ballet that you would surely never forget. You found yourself wishing you could dance like the fey as you were mesmerized by the sparkles that floated from their wings.

A rainbow of colors finalized the dance, before the song came to a close.

Each pair bowed to their respective partners (except Romano for he was cussing out the Spanish fairy he danced with), before a new song began. Only this time, the fairies turned to you and Arthur.

You soon began to realize what they wanted from you. They wanted to see a human dance. You felt Arthur squeeze your hand next to you as he helped you off the ground. Placing one hand on your waist and the other in your palm, he began to lead. You'd never been the best dancer, but he led you so wonderfully that you didn't step on his foot once.

Becoming lost in the Brit's green eyes, you let the fey's music move you. You felt nothing could make this moment more magical.

Oh, how you had spoken too soon.

As your song came to a close, you felt yourself be pulled towards Arthur, before he captured your lips in a kiss. You heard the fairies around you 'awww' or gasp at the demonstration of Arthur's love for you shown in front of them. Before you could deepen the kiss further than you already had, he released you lips, and bowed as the music ended.

You looked around at the fairies, noticing that through the trees a few brownies had also come to watch. You blushed as Arthur smiled down at you and you smiled back up at him. He knew how you felt about him without having to utter a single word.

"What are those?" you asked as you pointed to the moving, almost spirit-like, beings who looked on through the trees.

"Those are dryads. There are more creatures in this forest than just fairies and brownies," Arthur chuckled at your expression as you looked at the beautiful women in the tree nearest to you. The fairies had begun to dance again, after applauding yours and Arthur's dance. "The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to sharpen," Arthur kissed you once more after you sat back down to continue watching the fairies. "I'd love nothing more than to show you those things."

Your smile brightened your face as you looked up at him, "I would like that too, Arthur."

"I love you, (Name)."

"I love you too."

Arthur didn't know it, but the most magical thing in this forest to you, was him.
Romano cursed.. But I don't think it needs a warning. If any of you complain then I'll put one.


I was in such a fluffy mood today...

Seriously I know nothing about the fey or dryads or any OTHER MAGICAL CREATURE AND I FEAR THIS MAY SUCK BECAUSE OF IT.

Romano-Romano. Duh.
Arthur-England. Double Duh.


Thank you :iconsatouhikari: for translating this into German :meow:
German version: [link]
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